aj dɹim ɪn IPA foɹmætʰ (one_dreamery) wrote in whoverse20in20,
aj dɹim ɪn IPA foɹmætʰ

Round 19: Winners (MOD'S CHOICES)

Tags: round19, round19: winners

  • Round 19: Winners

    Thank you all for another awesome round - all the entries were gorgeous! Round 19 Winners under the cut. Congratulations :D! [ Mod's Choices for…

  • Round 19: Theme Voting

    Please make sure to vote in each section (three, total) :) Thanks, all! [If there are any errors in the voting posts, please let us know quickly!]…

  • Round 19: Category Voting

    Please make sure to vote for as many as specified so your vote counts :) Thanks for those who entered & those who vote ♥ ROUND 19 CATEGORY…

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